1. After login, click on the Vendor Dashboard menu from Main Menu.


  1. Click the Settings menu from the Vendor Dashboard page.
  2. Store – Edit vendor’s Store information and save.
  3. Branding – Edit your store banner and icon on vendor’s Branding details.
  4. Shipping – Add your shipping fee for every state (Flat Rate and NOT per quantity). See the list below to add the country and state code. Please add your shipping policy and return policy.
  5. Social – Edit vendors’ Social details

Currently MOHBELI support national shipping only, if vendor have a certain country for international shipping, please inform our admin [email protected].

Country Code:
Malaysia: MY

State Code:
Johor: JHR
Kedah: KDH
Kelantan: KTN
Labuan: LBN
Melaka: MLK
Negeri Sembilan: NSN
Pahang: PHG
Penang (Pulau Pinang): PNG
Perak: PRK
Perlis: PLS
Sabah: SBH
Sarawak: SWK
Selangor: SGR
Terengganu: TRG
Putrajaya: PJY
Kuala Lumpur: KUL


East Malaysia (EM) : Labuan (LBN), Sabah (SBH), Sarawak (SWK) is set RM12.
West Malaysia (WM) : Leave state code empty at the bottom, it will cover all the state in Semenanjung. So the Shipping Fee in WM will charge RM7.

Follow the example below and set your own Shipping Fee.

Make sure the custom Shipping Fee on top of the list, and the Shipping Fee for others at the bottom.
Default shipping fee is RM8 (flat rate) if vendor doesn’t set any shipping fee.


  1. Go to menu Products and click Add Product
  2. Insert Product Name, Product Description.
  3. Select Categories, if the item is from subcategories, please also thick the main categories.
  4. Insert tag keyword. (easy for customer to search)
  5. Add Featured Image, this will be the main image for your product.  Please use square aspect ratio. Example: 800×800 pixel with 72dpi.
  6. Add Gallery image (maximum 4)
  7. Product Type, please choose product type.
    • Simple Product – A single product.
    • Variety Product – A product with more variety like size, color, aroma etc.
  8. Under General tab, insert the Regular Price for your product. If you have Sale Price, please insert the sale price and set the schedule for the sale period.
  9. Next, Inventory tab. You can set the stock status “In Stock” or “Out of Stock” for your product. If you want to manage the stock by quantity yourself, please check the Manage Stock and insert the quantity of your product.
  10. On Shipping tab, if you have custom per product shipping fee, please add the country code, the state code and the shipping fee. If the shipping fee is the same as the default shipping fee under Setting menu, just leave it blank. If you charge a handling fees, please specify the fee or percentage.
  11. You also can insert other details for weight and dimension for customer reference and it is not mandatory.
  12. Linked Product tab is use for displaying other product when a certain product is viewed.
    • Up-Sells -Up-sells are products which you recommend instead of the currently viewed product.
    • Cross-Sells -Cross-sells are products which you promote in the cart, based on the current product.
    • Grouping – is a section on some templates that pulls other products from your store that share the same tags or categories as the current product.
  13. Attribute tab is for Variety Product. Make sure you choose Variable Product under Product Type drop down menu.
    • Select type of Attribute and click Add. Thick the Used for Variation checkbox.
    • Next, select the Values for your product, you can add all attribute by click Select All button or you can choose selected attribute by click on the Value field.
    • After finishing selecting your product attribute values, go to Variations tab, select Create variations for all attribute and then click Go.
    • A list of variation product will be added for you. You can manually set per attribute product their price, manage stock and variation description.
    • Please leave Shipping class and Tax class using default setting. After setup your product attribute is finish, now you can click Add Product.


  1. Vendor will get an email after customer successfully made an order or please login your vendor account.
  2. After receiving the order, please go to menu Order and check the order details.
  3. Vendor need to start processing the order by packaging and ship the item.
  4. When the item is ship, please click “Mark as Shipped”. Customer will be notified by email when the item is shipped.
  5. Then, vendor need to provide the Tracking Number and update the tracking details. Once again, the customer will get an email about the tracking details.


Please contact our support [email protected]